Shalom! My name is Dory Snir, and I’m a longtime Captain of a Passenger Vessel carrying the faithful on pilgrimages to pray upon the Sea of Galilee. I have had many opportunities to see the miracles of these waters, and how they invigorate and inspire those who come here from Israel and the world beyond.

In collaboration with a number of fellow Captains, I’ve decided to bring the riches of the Galilee to the many supporters of Israel through the GalileeMade website, in order to provide people all over the world with the opportunity to discover and acquire quality hand-made products And Other great gifts. A specialty items emanating the spirit of the Holy Land that are sure to add meaning to your table, your holiday gifts, and your home.

Just like the fishermen who became Jesus’ first disciples, we want to share the goodness that comes from the Galilee – our wines, honey, olive oil,  incredibly soothing music, masterfully handicrafts  … straight from our fertile lands. They are offered by local business owners and artists who have banded together to present traditional and modern wares to the world.

You’re welcome to tour our site, find some wonderful products to fall in love with, Should you ever get a chance to visit with us, you can count on being welcomed with open arms.

And check back from time to time to see our newest offerings!

Make it a Meaningful Purchase get it from the Galilee.

The Galilee region has been an important cultural center since the time of Christ. It has been ruled by ancient Kings predating Solomon, and was even once known as “the nation”

because of the diversity of its population. Even today, it is a multicultural mix of pleasant, laid-back individuals who live in peace with their neighbors.

The Galilee is believed to have been the home of Jesus Christ of Nazareth for the last 30 years of his life, and many miracles were reportedly performed by Him in this Holy place. It is here that Jesus walked on water at the Sea of Galilee, calmed the storms with a gesture,

and fed five thousand people in Tabgha. You too will taste the miracles in our wine, honey, olive oil and delicious food, which are now provided through our GalileeMade website.

Life has been hard in the region, since years of conflicts punctuated by peaceful times have limited growth in the area. But the spirit of the Galileans will never be diminished.

The Galilee is a place where miracles still occur, and we encourage you to take part in our exciting initiative.


About the Galilee Region

The Galilee is an ageless landscape stretching along the northern part of Israel. It also a place where you can stand on one of our green hills and look east at the red and yellow sands of

the Gilead mountain range, then turn to the south to view the Syrian-African rift carved by the glistening Jordan River, and then turn towards the magical Sea of Galilee at the center of it all, stretching out to the north, framed by the snowy peaks of Mount Hermon.

It is this part of Israel where you can truly be connected to the here and now – following the highway between cities and ancient towns that seem to have been built before the wheel

was invented. Cross back and forth through a time barrier in which you can trick your eyes into seeing the apostles worshipping at the feet of Jesus, and a moment later, watch a family load a TV into the back of their SUV.

When you enter this region, your dreams of the Holy Land come true in ways you couldn’t have imagined. This landscape has always been in your soul, and the spiritual influences that have defined Galilee for millennia will focus you and remind you of where you came from.