Shipping Rates & Custom Fees 

Depending on which shipping method you choose, delivery times may vary. It takes roughly 3-4 weeks for Registered Mail to be delivered, while Express Mail Service (EMS) takes roughly 7-10 for delivery.

You will be contacted by email if your delivery will take longer than the standard shipping times, but this is quite uncommon.

We securely conduct our international transactions in two stages, in accordance with new online e-commerce security laws.

You will see the top line with the amount to pay, representing a hold on those funds. This shows that your credit card company has confirmed that you are able to pay that amount. Your credit card company, based on its own security and privacy protocols, will likely run a confirmation on our legitimacy as a company before they release those funds.

You will see a second line that contains that actual transaction charge. This charge occurs once your order has been shipped. This second stage is where you money is actually removed from your account and transferred to Galileemade.

Within a few days, that top line hold on your card will be cancelled automatically.

If you have additional questions or concerns regarding our shipping and custom fee policies, then please contact us and we’d be happy to help. Go to our Contact Us form and send us an email explaining your concern. We’ll promptly reply to all inquiries in our ongoing effort to serve all of our clients better.